Meet The Cats





BEARBear, named after my husband’s home (and favorite) football team, The Chicago Bears. He was found with his blood brother, Ninja, abandoned in a barn during my husband’s first visit to West Virginia. They, along with their sister Oreo, who didn’t make it, were extremely sick and malnourished. He is now a mamma’s boy. He was diagnosed with Feline Diabetes in 2016, but we plan on kick diabetes’ ass!





NINJA – Ninja, black as night and stealthy as ever. He is Bear’s blood brother and is physically the smallest of the three, but that doesn’t stop him. He’s quick and agile and loves to outmaneuver his brothers. He’s also the leader of their little group. Of the three, he’s the friendliest. He loves meeting new people (kids and adults) and new animals (cats, dogs, ferrets, he loves them all).





TAILS – Tails was named after Tails from Sonic the Hedgehog because of his long tail with the white tip on the end. He was found by my husband’s sister on the side of the road with gravel up his nose and a torn up face, but he bounced back. He’s the baby of the three, but is physically the largest. He’s also ornery as hell. See that glint in his eye? That’s him planning the next thing to get into.